Top 10 NWOBHM Comeback Albums Part 1

Hello, hail to the soul-stirring majesty of NWOBHM. I know this post has been a long time coming. I was busy changing my life outside of obsessively collecting NWOBHM. To cut a long story short I simultaneously ran out of… Continue Reading →

Unfair NWOBHM Comparisons and Accusations

First of all, here is the strangely named Badger, an obscure entity from North Wales. Hopefully that’s a suitable distraction while I apologise for not posting last week, I’ve had very little time on my hands but can now promise… Continue Reading →

So Proud To Be Obsessed With NWOBHM

While I have been away, something massive happened in the world of NWOBHM. It may not sound like a big deal to some people, but I think this is really significant. Not only is Iron Maiden’s ‘The Book Of Souls’… Continue Reading →

A Suitable Pedestal For Unsung Heroes

I’ll start this post with something from Weapon UK. Their reformed manifestation had to adopt the ‘UK’ suffix after a legal wrangle with an American band who adopted the (admittedly unoriginal) name after them. Annoyingly their American counterparts aren’t still… Continue Reading →

Bad News, Spın̈al Tap and the general public’s opinion on NWOBHM

This week I’ll be talking about the relationship between heavy metal and the media. I thought I’d start with a reminder of why NWOBHM deserves to be featured in the media by sharing Bleak House, a band who deserved a much… Continue Reading →

NWOBHM Supergroups, The Final Drag

Phew, this is the final blog I will do on NWOBHM supergroups, so I’ve saved the best (Tytan) and the worst (Gogmagog) ‘til last. Although I haven’t found many of these bands to be representative of my own personal NWOBHM… Continue Reading →

NWOBHM Supergroups Part 2, The Tragedy Continues

In last week’s post I exposed some pretty hard to stomach footage relating to Lionheart, the NWOBHM supergroup. Seeing as that proved to be the source of some pretty hilarious revelations, I thought I’d carry on with this theme, and… Continue Reading →

The Tragedy of Lionheart, the ‘NWOBHM Supergroup’

Warning: this post may feature Album Oriented Rock, a saxophone solo and an entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. Don’t worry though; I’ve added as much kickass NWOBHM as possible. Although I thought it would be wise to give prior… Continue Reading →

10 Influencial Paintings Referenced In NWOBHM Album Covers

Seeing as this week has been a particularly stressful episode in my surprisingly torturous life as a struggling artist, I decided to do a post that brought the two greatest passions of my life together, namely obscure, studded denim and… Continue Reading →

Metal Fatigue

Hello, the reason why there is not a full post this week is simply because I have been away. I got back on Sunday and started putting together about 3 posts simultaneously, but rather than put out a half baked… Continue Reading →

‘Top 10’ Cowbells in NWOBHM part 2

As promised, here’s the second part of my NWOBHM cowbell countdown. There’s a lovely introduction to my post last week, and as with then, this is just an opportunity to showcase some of my favourite examples of cowbells in NWOBHM… Continue Reading →

‘Top 10’ Cowbells in NWOBHM part 1

One of the earliest examples of commercially released music that could be classified as heavy metal was ‘Good Times, Bad Times’ by Led Zeppelin. Not only was this the first song on their debut self titled album (released in January 1969)… Continue Reading →

Tokyo Blade and the NWOBHM Eastern Fetish

Tonight we’re gonna ‘Rock Japan’, the way Expozer did in 1980. Fair play, this is a band that could never have accumulated the funds to ever play Japan, but that’s one of the things that makes this song so special…… Continue Reading →

Metal at Commercial Festivals

I have an unshakable belief that heavy metal, hard rock, whatever you want to call it, can be enjoyed by anyone open minded enough to give it a listen. I feel that some good evidence for this is Metallica playing to… Continue Reading →

Garage NWOBHM Daze

The really big London show coming up is Garage Dayz Revisited featuring Tygers of Pan Tang, Tokyo Blade, Witchfynde, Desolation Angels, Savage, Jaguar, Tysondog and The Deep. I’ll set the scene with a version of a song by Witchfynde that’s… Continue Reading →

More or less masters of NWOBHM

In his Life of Theseus, the ancient Greek historian Plutarch asks whether a ship which was restored by replacing each and every one of its wooden parts remained the same ship. Shit, don’t run away, I swear this is an… Continue Reading →

Brainwash The NWOBHM Uninitiated

Although this post should be interesting to anyone who has the even the remotest interest in rock, it is most likely to be useful for people who have had an interest in NWOBHM for a while. Someone who’s dug a… Continue Reading →

Into The Future

There are loads of NWOBHM treats to look forward to this year… and wouldn’t it be amazing if Dragonslayer playing together again was one of them? Go and befriend them, wake the dragon! As for confirmed NWOBHM gigs there’s… Continue Reading →

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